Steve Daniels at the Bauhaus Design Museum in Berlin

Hiring a professional designer is the best way to make sure that you get your promotional materials right. And good ideas and creativity are the best ways to make sure you stay ahead of the competition. Here’s some reasons why you shouldn’t leave your first impression to chance…

1. First things first

My focus is on ideas first, media second. Why? If the communication doesn’t work or if the idea is wrong, no media alone will help you leave an outstanding first impression.

2. You can’t not design

Most of what we know about a brand is through its visuals online and in print. If the messages aren’t designed properly, then money and effort is wasted.

3. Interesting things happen to interesting people

Distinctive design is one of the best ways to make your company stand out. Stand out, and you’ll be more profitable, more interesting and definitely the envy of your competitors.

4. Escape the sea of sameness

Design can elevate your business above the rest through being distinctive, with a focus on high quality communication. And yes that does cost money. But it’s far cheaper than being unrecognisable.

5. The creative advantage

Creativity and design can turn the tiniest detail into a big selling point for you. It can also make the most complicated information understandable. A professional can help you navigate all of these problems.

6. I succeed when you do

Hiring a designer is a bit like going to a doctor. Good design comes from two parties committed to getting the best results. Which means that design works best alongside you rather than in the traditional buyer/supplier form.

7. Big picture

It’s quite easy to lose focus on the big picture in the middle of a project. But my process makes sure your customers are always the centre of attention.

8. Focus

Your project deserves focus, not unclear decisions. Compromise is no good when you need clarity. As an individual, I can provide just that.

9. More than wallpaper

Some people think design is just about nice pictures and pretty layouts. But I don’t. It is about using ideas to communicate.

10. Independence is good!

I’m more flexible than a bigger agency. You won’t have to deal with layers of management and bureaucracy. And of course, you won’t need to pay for them either.


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“Steven was instrumental from the start to finish and provided excellent advice and support throughout.”

Tom Cassidy

Sales Manager, Heathcotes at Anfield, Liverpool Football Club