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Here’s an overview of the design services I offer. I design websites, print materials and everything between. Projects can be large and complicated, or small and simple.

Design Research & Planning

No design should exist without focused planning. Research is a tool to to help me understand your business goals and focus them on a creative direction.

Creative Direction

Creative direction ensures that design, type, copy and brand are working together in harmony. It also keeps the big picture in sight and ensures your communication and brand is consistent. But it’s also there to find the devil in the detail. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that might make a huge difference to your project.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is several visual elements working together. I create logos, typography, colours, photography, layout styles to form a system. This forms for your brand identity. The system is the way in which those elements come together to communicate. Brand identity is your voice and character.

Editorial & Print Design

Editorial design is where I organise lots of information in an attractive fashion. This could be a magazine, or a newspaper, or a book. Print design might not be fashionable right now but it remains a part of how many brands communicate. In some ways, print has a new found status in the era of throwaway online content online.

Web Design

A good website brings together high quality code, and attractive design. It’s important that a website communicates, but it’s more important that it is usable. The principles of good design and strong brand identity remain in web as they do in print.

Signage, Exhibition & Large Format Design

Sometimes, your brand isn’t on a page or on a screen, but in a conference hall or on a billboard. Whether it’s an exhibition or a signage project, I can take your design from a flat screen into a designed experience. Large format design can extend to posters, and bus shell campaigns.

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“Steven has been creative, professional and always helpful. The quality of the final publication reflects his talent, hard work and commitment.”

Dagmar Smeed

Head of Marketing and Communications, SS Great Britain