One Minute Briefs is a daily competition for creatives. Every day, you’ve got a minute to come up with a response to an open brief to advertise something. It’s a great way for experienced creatives to practice, and for new creatives to try their hand at something new. Here are some of my favourite ideas from over the years, including a handful of winners.

Advertise: Campervans
Advertise: Private Planes
Advertise: CCTV
Advertise: Hayfever Tablets
Advertise: Drive Throughs
Advertise: Scrapyards
Advertise: Pencils
Advertise: Olives
Advertise: Rice Pudding
Advertise: Jeremy Clarkson hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Advertise: Personalised Number Plates
Advertise: Young Creative Council in the North
Advertise: Typewriters
Advertise: Binoculars
Advertise: De-icer
Advertise: World Emoji Day
Advertise: World Penguin Day
Advertise: World Water Day
Advertise: Tattoos
Advertise: Keycutters
Advertise: Stopwatches
Advertise: Deadline Day (I don’t think any of my ideas dated quicker than this one…)
Advertise: Contouring/Makeup