Behind the Wall was a fascinating art project run by Mirador Arts in Lancaster. The campaign ended with an exhibition that attracted 11,670 visitors.



The challenge: Mirador Arts wanted to reveal the hidden heritage of “the wall” on the way out of Lancaster on Caton Road. To do this, they put on a number of events and exhibitions throughout 2016 and 2017.



Promo Leaflet








“Working with Steve at Big Torch on our arts and heritage programme, Behind The Wall, has been a first-rate experience. Across all the various platforms – design, marketing & brand development – he has exemplified clarity of thought, purpose, communication and delivery. What I particularly value is how Steve combines creativity with practicality and explains the whole process intelligently and comprehensively.” George Harris Mirador Arts

The inspiration

I really believe that if you want to get a good understanding of a project, the last place you’ll do that is sat at a computer. So I spent some time walking alongside the wall, as well as going on a factory tour to really soak up the atmosphere of the place.



It turns out that there are three main parts to the Wall’s history. It was first created as a place to make trains in. Then, briefly, it was used during the war for holding enemy alien soldiers. And for the past 90 years, Standfast and Barracks have designed and made high quality fabric in the building.




The work

I decided to reference the three main parts of the buildings history in different parts of the design. The main image of ink and colours sums up the colourful and varied history of the building. The shapes are loosely based on the photos I took on the site, or research material from the client. All of that culminated in this fun little video (made entirely from stills) and an animation of the Behind the Wall mark. I used a typeface that looked similar to one I saw in a photo of a soldier at the barracks. I then combined this with an outline of the site to create the triangle visual that has become the main visual for the project.