Why does graphic design matter today?

Well, as you know, people are bombarded by more brands, more content and more commercial messages than at any point in human history. Because of that, people are getting very good at ignoring most marketing and advertising.

Of course this creates a problem. It’s getting harder than ever to stand out, which (paradoxically) means it’s more and more vital to do it.

The answer to this conundrum is as old as marketing itself. Creativity, and the time-honoured skills of beautiful graphic design, stunning art direction and ideas make all the difference.

That’s because truly creative design can take something that is fundamentally boring or not that interesting and put a novel spin on it. It can turn the invisible into the unmissable. And it can entertain, excite and capture the imagination of the people you want to speak to.

So if you want your marketing and advertising to get noticed, to be remembered, and for people to choose your brand over another – remember that the craft of great design and art direction can be the difference between success and failure. Every pixel matters, and don’t let anyone tell you the opposite.

Just doing marketing and advertising isn’t enough. How you do it really matters.

Example: How graphic design made something boring a bit more interesting

The Nest theormostat is probably the ultimate example of graphic design applied to every detail of a product. Basically, Nest decided to completely re-imagine the thermostat from the ground up. The way it worked, the way it was designed was completely re-invented. And the effect was incredible.

What was once seen as a boring grey box on the wall that you’d never think twice about became more useful, and even a talking point in some cases. Applying design to every level of the product, the service and the advertising took the humble thermostat from “meh” to “woah!”

Is your graphic design up to scratch? Could you use a little nudge towards better art direction?