Without a proper brand strategy, it’s very easy to find yourself trying loads of stuff half-heartedly and making no real money from any of them. Chances are you don’t have unlimited resources – so by definition you need make choices.

That’s what building your brand strategy is all about.

We’ll answer all those key questions, like who are your customers? What do you stand for? What are your competitors doing? And are there any unseen threats to your business? Why are you different? Why should your customers choose you over another brand? And how are you going to convince them of that?

No company has the budget to support 7 different targets, so it pays to make strong choices. With one or two key objectives and a crystal clear message for your customers, you’ve go a solid platform to creating your marketing materials from.

Example: How a solid brand strategy made a beer brand a massive success

Example: It would have been easy for John Smiths to say “our bitter tastes better than other bitters.” But instead their strategy “the no-nonsense beer for the no-nonsense beer drinker” gave them a great platform to build all their marketing efforts on.

“No nonsense” is a much simpler and appealing message than something boring and generic. And the legendary ad campaign was so successful that John Smiths sales now total more than its two biggest rivals put together.

Need a plan? Not sure if your marketing is on the right path? Then it’s time to put a proper brand strategy together.