You might have come across the saying “your brand is more than just a logo” before today. And to be fair, this is true. Logo design is just one part of the wider brand identity of your company.

A brand identity covers a lot of things. It involves pretty much anything that your customers can see. So that includes everything from you store, your warehouse, to your website, your brochures and your advertising.

The key point with a brand identity is to make it distinctive. All your branding should look like you and not someone else. For example, if you sell sandwiches; you don’t want your brand to convince people that buying sandwiches in general is a good idea. You want them to think buying sandwiches from your brand is a better idea than your competitors down the road.

Example: How a great brand identity makes for better marketing

Example: I can think of no better example of a great modern brand than the wonderful story of innocent. While it would have been easy to simply make smoothies and talk about how good they tasted, innocent took things further. A lot further.

Their brand has a point of view and a unique set of values that truly set the brand apart from any other on the market. In other words, innocent has a personality. And they use that personality to inspire every aspect of the brand, from the copy to the design, the packaging, their offices and more.

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