Why should you bother coming up with a big campaign idea for your brand?

Well, the problem with business today is that even if you have a genuine USP, a fantastic new technology or a clear product advantage, someone will come along and copy what you’re doing pretty quickly.

Because of that, people usually don’t notice a big difference between most products and services. That means your brand and your advertising are often the only things that are really different about you.

That’s why you need a big campaign idea.

Think about a brand like Snickers. There are literally hundreds of chocolate bars out there. So if you want to be the one that people think of first; you need to be easily recognizable. The way to do that is to get lodged in your customers heads with something interesting.

That’s why Snickers use their the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” in all their marketing. By consistently using that idea Snickers are more likely to get noticed, but they also build on their marketing efforts over time. With a big campaign idea you don’t have to constantly re-invent the wheel, which means you’ll get more done with the same amount of money.

For example, after the first ad with Joan Collins had run its course Snickers didn’t create a whole new campaigns. Instead they used the same idea to create a new ad with Mr Bean. More recently, that ad has been retired to make way for one featuring Elton John.

But most of all, in a world of product parity, a big campaign idea has to make your product or service more interesting.

Example: A classic campaign

John Lewis don’t just run ads that say “10% off your favourite Christmas presents.” That’s not very interesting, and it’s hardly likely to tempt you to switch shops to theirs instead of your usual brand.

Instead they get your attention with a story about a dog on a trampoline, or a monster in a kids bedroom. A little bit of creative magic and an imaginative idea gives you big advantage in the marketplace.

John Lewis shows us that if you can find a point of view and tell your story in an imaginative way, you can out-think (rather than outspend) the competition.

Want to talk campaigns? Need a big idea?